What age groups do you teach?

All age groups, from age 5 to Adult. Lessons would be tailored to suit your skill level.

What equipment do I need for tennis lessons?

Closed-toed athletic shoes are recommended for playing on court, but we highly suggest NO sandals or open-toed shoes on court due to safety reasons.

We do have a few tennis rackets you can borrow, but we recommend buying one if you plan on playing tennis regularly.

Jeans are not allowed, but any other clothes are allowed as long as you can move freely and feel comfortable running around and sweating a bit.

Hydration is necessary for tennis, especially in Arizona summer heat! So a water bottle or athletic drinks are allowed on court, but nothing outside of the necessities. Please do not bring sugary drinks on the court!

What is the duration of a tennis lesson?

Our tennis lessons usually last for 30 to 60 minutes. However, we can adjust the lesson length according to your preferences.

What is the cancellation policy for tennis lessons?

AZTennisFlow does not charge for "cancelling" a lesson. Things come up in all of our lives that cause cancellations and not being able to come. The only time you would be charged for a full lesson is for NOT showing up for a scheduled lesson.

What can I expect in a typical tennis lesson?

Our tennis lessons usually consist of  a dynamic warmup, discussion of what will be worked on for the lesson, possible drills to improve technique, feedback throughout the lesson and most importantly...FUN!

Do I need previous experience to take part in tennis lessons?

No, you do not need previous tennis experience to take part in lessons. We welcome all skill levels and will tailor the lessons to your abilities and goals.